Review of MODERN RAILWAYS 2017

October 26-29, 2017

Shanghai Exhibition Center, Shanghai, China

Modern Railways 2017 covered an exhibition area of 21,000 sqm. Totally 243 exhibitors attended the exhibition with their newest technology and products from 12 countries and regions: China, Canada, Germany, the USA, the Netherlands, France, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, India, Hong Kong, Taiwan.

During the 4-day exhibition, over 40,000 trade visitors form domestic and oversea railway industry visited the exhibition, hitting a historical high.


Concurrent conferences and  seminars

During the exhibition, China Railway and UIC jointly held Railway Cooperation and Development Forum which invited the experts from the Belt and Road countries to deliver thematic speech on railway international cooperation and railway infrastructure. More forums themed at intelligent railway, railway new technology were held at the same time. 73 experts from UIC , international railway operation companies and famous enterprises, elites and think tank shared the cutting edge opinion and painted the blueprint of the railway development which attracted 2000 plus trade visitor.


Railway Cooperation and  Development

With the chord of win-win cooperation has played by BRF, railway is transformed into action from concept. Therefore, themed at railway innovation and cooperation to boost the implement of the Belt and Road Initiative, Railway cooperation and development forum was jointly held by CHINA RAILWAY and UIC, which invited the high-level leaders and experts from CHINA RAILWAY, UIC, Kazakhstan Railway, Laos Railway, and the State Council Development Research Center to have an in-depth discussion on the planning, construction and operation of International Railway Chanel. At the same time, UlC organized the transport efficiency and service quality of High-speed railway forum to share the global experience.


Intelligent Railway Forum

Based on the blueprint of the excellent project intelligent Beijing-Zhangjiakou Railway, there are deep researches and discussions on the digital ecological chain of the domestic and international railway, the new development trend of self-driving Technology. The Intelligent Railway Forum, held by CHINA RAILWAY, made the debut at the same time. Forums themed at Intelligent Railway Development, Technologies Intelligent Construction, Intelligent Station Technology, and Technologies for Intelligent Mobility were presented by China Railway Society, China Railway BIM Alliance, China Railway Economic and Planning Research Institute, and China Academy of Railway Sciences, which attracted about 30 famous industry experts from CHINA RAILWAY, Deutsche Bahn, SNCF MOBILITES, Swiss railway Company, Korail, and domestic railway companies to discuss the development and the future of intelligent railway development.


Railway New Technology Forum

Based on theoretical basis and focused on the future development of railway technology, CHINA RAILWAY held the first Railway new technology forum, which attracted 20 experts from 7 countries to discuss the research and innovation of China railway wheel-rail interaction technology, basic theory and maintenance of wheel/rail systems, research of wheel-rail profile matching on High speed trains, research and practice of rail grinding technology on high-speed railway in China, experimental study on adhesion property of high speed wheel/rail and enhancing adhesion under wet condition, fast match method high speed wheel and rail configuration by use of dynamic equivalent continuity. With the topic of future railway technology, experts from Bombardier, Siemens, CARS, Beijing Jiaotong University, Southwest Jiaotong University, CRRC were invited to talk about the future railway technology development in the form of round table forum.  


Popularization of Science and Technology arouses the enthusiasm of the public, and the technology visit triggers the participation orgasm

In order to attract more social public to pay attention to railway, lectures about China railway development and world railway development, China railway collection, activities of Fan’s photography were held. 50 domestic and international journalists, exhibitor representatives, visitor representatives were invited to visit Shanghai Railway Administration to get in-depth knowledge about the vehicle inspection, maintenance process, technology and skills of China high-speed railway, the safety-guarding skills, and to experience China Speed by taking Fuxing Train.